Thoughts on my Bitlomat demo

August 16, 2014 / Categories: Testimonials

Ronald van Geijn from Eastern Shore Communications in Southeast Virginia shares his thoughts on his recent experience with Bitlomat.

Ronald van Geijn

“Installing the Bitlomat 5Ghz sector antenna is easy and straightforward. Managing the Bitlomat is easier still and once up and running it does its job, quietly and competently. The single mold sector antenna effectively shields the sensitive components from the elements, very essential in the harsh environment (sea salt and substantial day-night temperature swings) where we use it. The Bitlomat provides basic management information through SNMP, neatly integrating into our NOC Systems Management infrastructure. Client Performance is reliable on both TX and RX Chains. Clearly visibile signal indicators on the side of the CPE facilitate installation, even in more challenging situations.”

With the price / performance of the Bitlomat 5Ghz product line there should be no reason to not consider it for your next wireless deployment

Eastern Shore Deployment


(Right: A look from the top – The Bitlomat 200 enjoys this view of Cape Charles, VA)