Our Software

The most powerful software

for the most common hardware.

The secret is out – our hardware platform is not very unique. In fact, most of the fixed wireless radios deployed today are built on the same Atheros chipset. Our software, however, is an entirely different story.

Not only does Passport offer major improvements in throughput, bandwidth, latency, etc. but it’s now available for download to be flashed on to your existing network!

Hardware & Software: Decoupled

By decoupling our software and hardware, we’ve opened up a world where you can now get all the benefits of Passport on your existing network without having to replace a single CPE.

We’re seeing customers double or even triple their network performance! Want to learn more – click here.


GPS Sync

It’s the single best way to maximize the efficiency of your available spectrum. Bitlomat is proud to say that the man behind our GPS Sync, Tom Freeburg, is inarguably the most knowledgeable person on the planet when it comes to GPS Synchronization in fixed wireless. Tom introduced GPS Sync to the market while leading Motorola’s efforts in this space for over 40 years. Interested in learning more about the importance of GPS Sync – Check out Tom’s white paper.

Stripped down and rebuilt..for you!

We didn’t use the vast majority of the code, drivers, SDKs or other “off the shelf” code from Atheros or the 802.11 standard. That code was never designed for high speed outdoor fixed wireless! We developed Passport from the ground up with YOUR network in mind!

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Today’s Linux

Keeping current with the newest distributions of Linux can make a big difference! You may have been happy with 35,000 packets per second of throughput on the v1.3 of Passport, but by upgrading to the newest distribution of Linux in v1.4 we were able to achieve over 40,000 packets per second – a 20% improvement!