Ambassador Radio UI

Ambassador Dashboard ScreenshotYour radios’ official representative

Ambassador is the most advanced web-based user interface available for outdoor wireless products. Bitlomat aims to provide the easiest solution for wireless internet service providers who want to implement a large scale outdoor wireless infrastructure. Ambassador allows straightforward configuration of advanced network parameters for customers with minimal training and experience in wireless networking.

The user can select among multiple network set-ups and then fine tune the configuration based on site-specific needs.


Login to a live demo radio for a complete tour.
(username: bitlomat password: bitlomat)


Ambassador allows the user to configure key parameters that are critical in a large scale deployment, such as:

  • Channel assignment
  • Network security parameters and encryption
  • Maximum throughput per client/CPE
  • Guaranteed throughput (SLA) per client/CPE
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • MAC address control (white lists and black lists)
  • Skype/VOIP optimization and/or blocking
  • Video streaming optimization or blocking/shaping
  • File sharing blocking/shaping
  • Parental control/adult content blocking

Ambassador allows the user to monitor the network parameters in real time, and it guides the user though troubleshooting in case the network is experiencing an issue.