Settings Menu

The Settings menu contains all the (advanced) settings of the unit. Once the operation mode is selected using the wizard, the unit settings can be modified accordingly. The right-hand menu is used to navigate among specific interfaces or system parameters. As mentioned above the configuration menu are generated with respect to the specific operating mode and can thus be different if the unit is operated e.g. as a Base Station or as a CPE.

However, as a general rule of thumb, theĀ Wireless menu contains the settings of the wireless interface including IP addressing whether it is used as a private LAN (Base Station mode) or as public WAN (CPE mode). The WAN/LAN menu is used to configure the wired connection. Finally, the System menu contains general system-wide settings.

Given that the menus are different depending on the operating mode please refer to following links for a detailed description:

2. base station settings

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