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Point to Multipoint Networks

Point to Multipoint NetworksThe Point to Multipoint Network Architecture is the most common topology deployed by WISPs. Each client device gets connected to a central unit that usually is called Base Station. Each client device embeds a directional antenna pointing directly to the Base Station.

Bitlomat is the only manufacturer able to provide  a client devices (also called CPE) that embeds an extremely high gain parabolic dish antenna with a gain of 29 dBi. This compact but extremely high gain product allows a WISP to build point-to-multipoint networks with a range that is significantly higher compared to networks deployed using CPE with lower gain antennas.

In order to deliver the maximum throughput when operating in point-to-multipoint, we suggest you operate the network using the patent-pending BitMax TDM-based protocol. Using BitMax, the network will not suffer the common hidden terminal issue and it will be able to provide 100% of the available throughput avoiding the loss of throughput due to packet collision.

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