Once logged in into the Web GUI of the Bitlomat unit, the dashboard will be the first visible page reporting a complete summary of the status of the unit. The Status parameters include:

  • Uptime: unit uptime
  • Frequency (Channel): current frequency and channel the unit is set to work to (Base Station only)
  • Channel Width: current width of the channel in use
  • WAN/LAN IP addresses: configured IP addresses for the interfaces
  • Medium Access Control: the current MAC in use, e.g. CSMA or TDMA

1. dashboard
The Wired Rate graph reports the real-time wired ethernet utilization both in TX and RX directions.

By scrolling down the dashboard, the Wireless Statistics graph will report the TX and RX utilization of the wireless link grouped by SSID.

2. dashboard
Finally, in Base Station and Home Router only, a piechart reporting the traffic divided per each connected CPE/device is shown. Additional information related to the CPE/devices connected are also reported. Those information include:

  • MAC address: the HW address of the station connected
  • RX rate: rate of the traffic received by the station (downlink traffic)
  • TX rate: rate of the traffic transmitted by the station (uplink traffic)
  • Signal strength: level of the signal received from the CPE
  • Connected Time: connection time of the station

3. dashboard
Clicking on the Label icon it is possible to assign a name to each connected device.

4. dashboard
If the device is configured in Base station mode with TDMA, from the right side panel is also possible to configure the downlink and uplink guaranteed rates for each connected device. In that case the global channel reservation is shown below the pie chart. More information about TDMA configuration can be found here.
5. dashboard