Bitlomat vs. UBNT

August 15, 2014 / Categories: Testimonials

The Problem:

Jaime Solorza

After using Ubiquiti for a number of years Jaime Solorza and Jose Ramirez of Los Guys Wireless (West Texas) were ready for a change. They were looking for improved performance but they did not want to spend any more money.

The Solution:

Jaime installed a Bitlomat 200 AP and migrated 20 of 39 clients previously on a Ubiquiti Rocket M5 AP to the Bitlomat 200. AirMax and Passport were turned off and the Bitlomat 200 AP was used in (802.11) CSMA mode.

The results:


Quick Look At The Results

Signal Quality
Improved 5 to 7 dB for each Client
Noise Levels
Dropped from -88 dBm to -93 dBm
Improved from 10 Mbps to 22 Mbps

“Those that had good service now have great service! The signal quality improved by 5 to 7dB’s for each of the clients, the noise levels dropped from -88dBm to -93dBm and speeds improved. We did some speeds tests prior to switching users to the 200 AP and averaged 10 to 14Mbps to our farthest two clients on this tower. Once we switched all 39 over we ran a new series of tests and speeds stayed consistent at 22Mbps.” Jose recalled how, “One client called over the holidays to thank us because they were able to Skype with their son serving in Afghanistan and watch movies with no hiccups or buffering.

Final Thoughts:

“We are definitely impressed with the Bitlomat 200 as a solid alternative to our existing AP’s. We have several new POP’s where we are going use these as well as the 100 series for short point to point back haul link. We are anxious to test the point to point series very soon once Pecan harvest is over. Also, I like the design and ease of installation your mounting kits have and how sturdy they feel.”

How can this be true? The Bitlomat Difference

Why are Los Guys Wireless seeing these types of performance improvements? While the two products run on the same (Atheros) chipset, Bitlomat uses a much more current distribution of Linux and boasts a more powerful antenna. Moreover, the Integrated Shielding provided by the Bitlomat 200’s metal backplate serves to dramatically reduce the amount of co-location interference.

This case study is a great example of the performance improvements you can expect to get when swapping Ubquiti’s AP with a Bitlomat 200. Even greater performance can be expected when Los Guys Wireless build out the rest of their network with Bitlomat 100 CPE’s communicating back to the AP’s with Passport – our proprietary TDMA based protocol.


About Los Guys Wireless:

Los Guys Wireless is a 1 ½ year old WISP business that started when clients of the defunct Tornillo Community Wireless Network started asking Jaime and Jose to set up a wireless service. They hesitated at first because two WISP’s set up show within weeks of the community network shutting down. After three months of friends telling them the new providers had unreliable and slow service, they set up their first POP on a water tank in Fabens, with one point to point link and three sectored AP’s. They began with one 36Mbps TWC pipe and soon had 45 users with no ads, no signs and no website. Word of mouth spread quickly and the demand was great; and now they have coverage in the Lower Valley (Socorro, Clint, Fabens, Tornillo, Fort Hancock and Esperanza, Texas. This zone covers 95 miles from point A to B; they had recently expanded to east El Paso, Horizon City and soon Hueco Tanks. All their business is still word of mouth.