Bitlomat Launches Line of Outdoor Wireless Products

August 15, 2014 / Categories: Press Releases

Highland Park, IL (October 2, 2013) – Bitlomat, a premier manufacturer of outdoor wireless products, today announced the launch of two new wireless radio products designed to meet the needs of Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs).  Bitlomat’s wireless radios are an easy, low cost alternative for many WISPs who need a powerful, cost effective solution to provide Internet service in rural areas.


The Bitlomat 100 Panel CPE operates at 5GHz and features a quality high gain antenna  with 16.5dBi and 30 degree beamwidth for interference mitigation. Its rugged outdoor-rated design includes shielded hardware to eliminate spurious CPU emission. The Bitlomat 200 Base Station integrates a 5GHz high gain 20.5 dBi, 90 degree antenna and boasts a metal back-plate with side flaps for co-location interference mitigation. Installation and maintenance are quick and easy as the radio, antenna and backplate are designed as a single integrated unit.


Customers purchasing Bitlomat wireless products receive Ambassador, the company’s free web-based user interface that allows operators to easily configure Bitlomat products and manage real-time network performance.  Operators can select among multiple network set-ups and then fine tune the configuration based on site-specific needs.


To ensure Bitlomat’s products meet and exceed performance expectations in real-world conditions,  a good number of pre-launch customers tested the equipment to excellent reviews. “Bitlomat has been 100% stable in the environments that take every other product in this class out. The UI is uncluttered and smooth while it doesn’t require Flash or Java,” said Nick Challis, Engineer at Experior Networks. “Bitlomat delivers the goods, is simple enough for the first timer, and solid enough to please the most seasoned operator.  It is a product you can trust for the core network and the last mile to customers.”


“The employees and founders of Bitlomat are members of the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association, WISPA, and understand the challenges WISPs face in providing quality Internet service, especially in rugged or desolate rural areas,” said Jeff Broadwick, Sales Director at Bitlomat. “Our business model has been to seek out the most knowledgeable installers, consultants and distributors in the industry, listen to their needs, and build a product that best meets those at a competitive price point .  We are very excited to offer the Bitlomat 100 and 200 as a direct result of our combined efforts to provide this industry with products that are both affordable and simple to install with no compromise in quality.”


Bitlomat products can be purchased through the company’s three distributors: Wisp-Router, Streakwave ( and Microcom (


About Bitlomat

Bitlomat is the easy, low cost alternative for Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs).  Bitlomat’s meticulous design integrates critical hardware features including high-gain antennas and metal back plates for strong, clean transmission coupled with robust, yet intuitive software to manage the most important settings.  As a leader in the fixed wireless marketplace, Bitlomat’s hardware and software solutions allow WISPs to handle critical customer data while operating powerful networks. Bitlomat is a member of WISPA. Visit





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