Bitlomat is a Chicago-based technology company founded by an experienced team of high-tech entrepreneurs committed to developing innovative wireless technology to help overcome the digital divide and provide broadband Internet access to people who live in remote areas of the world, rural areas, and developing countries. Our goal is to provide better wireless products and better customer support to wireless internet service providers (WISPs) and wireless system integrators. We want to  allow our customers to connect another billion people to the internet in the next five years.

The way we plan to achieve our goal is by developing the most advanced wireless technology, integrating MIMO wireless solutions, wireless mesh routing algorithms, and advanced web 2.0 management software.  Bitlomat management experience in lean manufacturing allows the company to provide these breakthrough products on the market at a disruptive price point, making outdoor wireless affordable in any country of the world.

To make our mission possible, we feel that we not only need to provide our customers the best technology at a low price point, but also the support and know-how they need and deserve to be successful in the field, building wireless networks that work 24/7 and providing broadband Internet to thousands of people.  Bitlomat is committed to be an industry leader in terms of customer support and, at the same time, to deliver to all its customer the training material and platforms required to make them successful in connecting the next billion people to the Internet over the next five years.

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